Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established and registered in 2009 with registration number 0884 under section 11(3) of Act No. 24 of 2002. The purpose was to promote and ensure sustainable sanitation, hygiene and water supply services through appropriate programs that are managed by the communities and private sector in the country.

Our Mission

SAWA has a Mission to ensure sustainable hygiene, sanitation and water supply services through appropriate and inclusive programs managed by communities, institutions and private sector.

Our Vision

SAWA envisions Tanzanian communities that access integrated hygiene, sanitation and water supply services for improved livelihood.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1:
Increased sustainable access to improved sanitation and hygiene services for households, schools, health facilities and public places in identified project areas.
Strategic Objective 2:
Un-served communities have access to sustainable and reliable clean and safe water within reduced walking distance.
Strategic Objective 3:
Increased understanding of WASH stakeholders on IWRM and its relation to sustainable development and poverty alleviation.
Strategic Objective 4:
Capacity of institutions, communities and private sector strengthened to deliver and sustain WASH services.
Strategic Objective 5:
Strengthen collaboration of key WASH stakeholders on accountability and transparency.

Our Values

As an organization, SAWA works with integrity and commitment to meet the mandate of the organization. The organization is conscious of the responsibility of stewardship of the resources entrusted on it, and strives to be fully accountable, transparent and cost effective. It is committed to teamwork, service excellence, learning and innovation through continually and critically reviewing its work.

The key principles guiding the organization’s operations and activities include the following;

  • Realizing the poorest and vulnerable communities as its primary beneficiaries;
  • Support communities and realizing their potentials;
  • Community empowerment;
  • Respect for beneficiaries and promoting equality;
  • Community participation in making decisions; and
  • Respect for the environment

Our Capacity

SAWA has long experienced national experts in the water and environmental sanitation sectors for rural and urban development. This capability is backed up with vast experiences in project management; community mobilization and formation and capacity building of community management entities (COWSOs) for sustainability enhancement; planning, designing and construction of civil and water engineering infrastructure; surveys and feasibility studies; conflict resolution for institutions managing water and sanitation facilities; institutional and household sanitation improvement using various approaches including Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and  national school WASH guidelines as well as financial management. SAWA is able to deliver timely and quality services at competitive prices.

Our Activities



SAWA activities contribute to the realization of Global, Continental and National programs and goals focusing on integrated WASH services, capacity building of communities and institutions of Tanzania in delivering and sustaining WASH.

Globally SAWA contributes to sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal No 6 ”Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all target 6.1,6.2, 6.3 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6”;
  • Goal 4. “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, target 4a”,
  • Goal 5. “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, target 5.1”, and
  • Goal13. “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, target13.1,13. 2, 13. 3 & 13.3b).

At a continental level SAWA contributes to realization of the African’s Union Agenda 2063 while at National level SAWA contributes to the realization of national development programmes such as Vision 2025, National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty ( NSGRP), Five year National Development Plan and Water Sector Development Program.

SAWA strives to promote self-sufficiency towards ensuring effective utilization, equal access and management of water and sanitation to foster self-governance and responsibility of the community. In this vein SAWA focuses on the following strategic activities:

  • Planning, implementation and management of community water supply projects and promote such initiatives in un-served communities.
  • Mobilize, form and capacitate community management entities (COWSOs) for sustainability enhancement.
  • Support sanitation and hygiene interventions to end Open defecation (OD) and promoting household water treatment using appropriate technologies
  • Improve WASH services in schools with greater consideration of provision of facilities for pupil with disabilities and adolescent girls (MHM) as well as hand washing facilities.
  • Community empowerment through trainings, coaching and mentoring on operation and management of sanitation, water and hygiene services using various adult techniques and approaches
  • Facilitate and conduct research, feasibility studies, evaluations, training activities, workshops, outreach programmes, publications and information dissemination
  • Provide technical assistance to CSOs and other community water schemes
  • Policy analysis, advocacy and networking in sanitation and water sector.
  • Operating, maintaining and managing water and sanitation systems for the realization of project sustainability.
  • Promote and create awareness on the effective use of water resources at community level
  • Awareness creation  on menstrual  hygiene management  (MHM) to adolescent girls in schools
  • Conduct awareness creation, capacity building and advocacy on prevention, mitigation and adaption climate change impacts in the community.
  • Promote and create awareness on the effective use of water resources at community level


Eng. Charles Mutoka

Eng. Charles Mutoka is Tanzanian with BSc. Civil Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Community Management and Masters in Engineering Management with field experience of 20 years in community based development programs in both urban and rural areas. He has special skills   on project management, contract management and administration, financial management, design and supervision of water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion programs, water resource management, projects appraisals, community mobilization and empowerment, participatory approaches and monitoring and evaluation. He is  a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania.  Charles  is   among of the Founder members  of SAWA and is  assuming the roles of Executive Director since 2009 to date .  He is optimistic to see SAWA growing and provide continued support to the needy schools and communities.

Eng. Wilhelmina Anthony Malima

Eng. Mrs. Wilhelmina Anthony Malima is a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania with more than 17 years experience in aspects of water and environmental sanitation. She holds a Masters degree in sanitary engineering from Rostov on Don State Building Academy – Russia. She has an experience in working with Government in Local Authorities ( Dodoma Municipal) , international NGOs (WaterAid)  and the UN ( UNICEF) . Has experience of working in the rural and urban, with farmers, children and pastoralists.  Wilhelmina is devoted to use her knowledge and skills for the benefit of Tanzanians on the ground, so she moved down and currently she is working with the local NGO Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA) as WASH Advisor. She is the National Coordinator for Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in Tanzania and the Chairperson of Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TAWASANET). Her special passion in this work is to give sanitation and hygiene much greater eminence and recognition. Her satisfaction is to see people she is serving are getting what is intended – drive for results with integrity.

Kelvin Mwanshilo

Kelvin Mwanshilo has 7+ years of profession experience on financial services, sanitation marketing specializations and NGO management. Kelvin currently brought the experience to SAWA on WASH coordination in Makete Community and school WASH project under UNICEF funding.

Kelvin leads WASH activities execution to ensure sustainable access of WASH services and trigger community to manage WASH improvement. His current role is general program management, program reporting, community facilitation and engagement; basic monitoring, learning, documentation and evaluation. Kelvin worked with Youth Partnership Countrywide as Program manager, Tanzania Postal Bank as senior banking operations and Care international in Tanzania as Sanitation marketing specialist.

Kelvin attended College of Business Education (CBE) where he obtained his advanced diploma in marketing management in 2007.

Agnes Crispin Erio

Agnes Crispin Erio – BSc. Environmental Sciences & Management (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro). She is Currently Doing Thesis on Masters of Development Studies (Dodoma University). She is having 6 years of experience on the field of sanitation and hygiene on empowering rural communities and marginalized group on the importance of having improved latrines and hand washing at critical moments for diarrhea and waterborne diseases preventions.  Competent in using participatory approaches such as CLTS, MTUMBA, SWASH GUIDELINES and PRA.

Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA) under Usafi wa Mazingira Tanzania (UMATA) programme, January 2014 to Date.

She worked with CARE International (TZ)-Integrated Water Sanitation and Hygiene (iWASH) Program, Community Empowerment Officer (October 2010 to December 2013).

She was a capacity building officer; CARE International (TZ) -October 2008 to Dec 2009; Project:  Equitable Payment for Watershed Services (EPWS)

Joachim B. Assenga

Mr. JOACHIM ASSENGA: SAWA PROJECT OFICER- has over 4 years of experience on WASH programs planning and management. He joined SAWA since 2014 as a Community Development volunteer to support SAWA programs. Currently he is a COWSO specialist supporting COWSO formation and sustainability in Kilosa District under WARIDI program funded by USAID. In 2017/18 he successfully supported COWSO establishment, Community and Institutional WASH program in Makete District under UNICEF funding. In 2015/17 he successfully managed Fit for school pilot project management under GIZ funding. He has a vast experience in Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Management cycle, Advocacy & policy, Capacity building, Engagement and Documentation.

He has successively attended FIT FOR SCHOOL Approach development in Tanzania certificate-Dar es salaam (2015) by GIZ,  Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation integrated international program- Sweden and Uganda(2017/2018) by SIDA in collaboration with NIRAS and Water Aid, WASH,  Advocacy training and facilitation _Morogoro(2016) by TAWASANET, Community Owned Water Supply Organization(COWSO) formation and registration processes_ Morogoro(2014) by SAWA and Winrock International, Community Led Total Sanitation Approach(CLTS) facilitation as a ToT_ Morogoro(2015)_ by Ministry of Health and Open Defecation Free(ODF) Verification training and facilitation _ Makete(2017) by Ministry of Health

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental studies (BAGEs) from University of Dodoma (UDOM), 2012.

Eng. Upendo Judica

Upendo Judica is a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania. She Holds Bachelor degree of science in Environmental Engineering.   She has more than (7) years of professional experience in WASH sector, working in rural and urban areas. She is working with SAWA Organization as a WASH program engineer. She supervises, Monitor and Coordinates various projects carried out by the organization, she also participating in proposal development, planning, budgeting and managing project parties.

She is highly motivated and dedicated team leader who has capacity to build excellent relationship with all parties to ensure smooth and efficient progress of work within the stipulated budget and time limit.

Possess excellent analytical problem solving negotiation technical correspondence, management, communication, interpersonal and computer skills. Well versed in engineering software Packages.

Upendo is recent a National Coordinator Assistant for Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in Tanzania, also Member of MHM coalition in Tanzania and FSM.

Agness Pastory Justine

Miss. Agness Pastory Justine: SAWA Finance and Admin Assistant (FA0)- She oversees all Finance, Administration and Procurement activities.

She joined SAWA in July 2015 were she began her career working as a volunteer in Finance department at Sanitation and Water Action and climbed the ladder to becoming an Assistant accountant in September 2015 and becoming a Finance and Administrative Officer in July 2017

She is a hard working, committed, she does her work with integrity, efficiency and can work in a team and has the capacity to build excellent relationship with all parties.

She received her Bachelor degree of Commerce in Accounting from University of Dodoma in 2013.  She is also a member of NBAA and she is pursuing CPA studies

Shadaiya Rwehabula

Shadaiya Rwehabula has nine years experience in water, sanitation and hygiene behavior and integrated water resource management with USAID funded projects. She leads WASH programs to ensure sustainable access of WASH services. She has a proven record of efficiency and accuracy in managing multiple function, producing quality work, sound knowledge and proven experience in design, analyze and develop project proposals as well as ability to manage projects and produce reports.  Currently she manages Water Resource Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI) Project to capacitate community water supply organization on operation and maintenance of water facilities, sanitation and hygiene behavior change.

Ruth Mgalula

Miss Ruth Mgaluala is a MBA-CM holder with more than 5 years working experience in Administration, Customer Success and Business Development

Ruth is currently working with Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA) for Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation (LVWATSAN) in Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building project as Team Administrator. The project has been formed by consortium between 2 International Organizations which are Dorsch International Corporation and AHT group and 1 Local NGO which is Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA).

Previously, Ruth has worked with National Bank of Commerce in Customer service department and WASSHA Tanzania in Customer success and Business development departments.

Grace Miyonjo

Grace Miyonjo is holding advance diploma in Information technology from Institute of Accountancy in Arusha and postgraduate of Health systems management from Institute of social work. She has four years’ experience on sanitation and hygiene projects.

She is current working with SAWA as Project Officer in WARIDI project in Gairo District in Morogoro Region

Grace Love charting with friends and educating people.


Adela  Deusdedit  Luta

Adela Luta is holding two Certificates of Procurement and Supply management  and  Full secretary course stage three. She has five years experience on working at SAWA as Office Assistant supporting  administration works



Yahaya Sudi Mkwama

Yahaya Sudi  is a Driver. He joined SAWA  since 2009


Abel Daniel Vicent

Abel Daniel vicent is holding Diploma in local government Administration from a local government institute Dodoma.  Current he is working as project officer & project M&E with experience of two year’s. He believe success lies in individual commitment and also working as a team work.


Yahaya Lwinde

Yahaya Lwinde is program officer at SAWA dealing with School WASH issues in urban and rural areas. He joined SAWA since 2015 in volunteering program for one year, later he got an employment in position of Program officer on supporting water supply and sanitation project in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Makete.

Mr. Lwinde completed Bachelor of Science in environmental engineer from Ardhi University in 2014.

Bonita F. Mpokwa

Bonita F. Mpokwa is a holder of Advanced Diploma in business Administration. I am a Business Administrator by profession and a field personnel by experience. Over 6 ears experienced in working with donor funded projects and working directly with communities from field officer position, to M&E specialist to current, Project manager.  I believe there is a purpose of being a t a certain place in a certain time and there is always something new to learn, only if you stay alert. I believe in team player and I love socializing. Bonita is a bookworm.