SAWA activities contribute to achievement of national development goals set through programs such as Vision 2025, MKUKUTA and WSDP adhering to National sector policies and guidelines such as National Water Policy, Sanitation and Hygiene guidelines and School Water and Sanitation Guidelines. These activities focus on the realization of MDGs and SDGs. SAWA strives to promote self-sufficiency towards ensuring effective utilization, equal access and management of water and sanitation to foster self governance and responsibility of the community. In this vein SAWA focuses on the following strategic activities:

  • Planning, implementation and management of community water projects and promote such initiatives in un-served communities.
  • Support sanitation and hygiene interventions including school WASH, promoting household water treatment using appropriate technologies
  • Community empowerment through trainings, coaching and mentoring on operation and management of sanitation, water and hygiene services using various  adult techniques and approaches
  • Facilitate and conduct research, feasibility studies, evaluations, training activities, workshops, outreach programmes, publications and information dissemination
  • Provide technical assistance to CSOs and other community water schemes
  • Policy analysis, advocacy and networking in sanitation and water sector.
  • Operating, maintaining and managing water and sanitation systems for the realization of project sustainability.
  • Promote and create awareness on the effective use of water resources at community level