Makete Water and Sanitation Project

The project support communities in 4 wards of Matamba, Mlondwe, Kinyika and Itundu  which resulted from the split of two wards), 10 villages (45 sub-villages) and pupils in 7 schools in selected wards. The area has been selected to reach poor and marginalized school pupils as well as communities within the areas that fall under UNICEF supported districts in its 5 years strategy and priority under UN delivering as one.

The project benefited both pupils and teachers with an average of 1416 (707 girls and 709 boys) and 45 teachers from 7 selected schools and 10 villages through improvement of water services, sanitation and hygiene promotion. LGAs were capacitated to improve their coordination role in relation to WASH. Community and school committees engaged in the project gain capacity on O&M, and governance to sustain their WASH services.  School children through school clubs benefited through trainings, linkage and engagement visits to impart hygiene knowledge among themselves and their communities. Children with disabilities, adolescent girls and other needy groups in the community where taking in consideration by constructing user- friend facilities.

The project also considered the disposal mechanisms for solid waste to cater for menstrual hygiene materials by contracting some small incinerators.