ODF Project in Kilosa – 2017 Q4

The following activities have been performed so far:

  • Conducted building capacity training for people who will be collecting data and updating it on a quarterly basis at sub village level. The training was over the use of registers, understanding the different latrine options, and proper filling of the register. For WEOs and VEOs, the training aimed at building their knowledge on compilation, which is getting data from the registers, checking the numbers, filling summaries, and the reporting processes. The data collectors trained were from all 40 wards of the Kilosa district. A total of 1,069 people (762 men and 307 women) in 810 sub villages.
  • SAWA staff, with District Facilitation Team (DFT), conducted institutional triggering for a total of 631 participants (481 male, 150 female) in 30 wards. The aim was to build relationships with local leaders and other influential groups, share project implementation plan, share knowledge, experience, and setbacks of the data collection for villages under National Sanitation Campaign and for those who have not reached by National Sanitation Camping but have experience on data collection issues. They aimed to understand the existing hygiene and sanitation condition in order to jointly develop an action plan on how to improve the existing situation. All of this was done to equip them with an understanding of data collection, ODF verification, and the certification processes.

Planned activities for the upcoming period for the ODF project:

  • Conduct baseline data collection in 837 sub villages and data updating
  • Consolidate data collected from 40 wards and develop a district sanitation inventory/database
  • Conduct pre-triggering and triggering sessions at sub village level
  • Conduct sanitation promotion events and BCC material provision

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