School WASH in Temeke and Kigamboni Municipalities – 2018 Q1

After the completion of this successful project, 15,017 pupils (7,715 girls and 7,392 boys) from 8 different schools have access to improved water supply and sanitation services.

As a part of monitoring for this project, the SAWA team supervised group hand washing practices and behaviors at all 8 schools and provided menstrual hygiene education for girls age 10 and older. The monitoring was a successful activity because all of the pupils were observed while washing their hands and then taught proper behaviors. All of the teachers were encouraged to supervise the proper hand washing exercise everyday and least once. The Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) knowledge, a total of 1,372 girls (563 in Temeke and 809 in Kigamboni) were reached. The MHM training was very beneficial since the majority of girls were not aware of proper hygiene behaviors for their menstrual cycle. During the sessions the girls had the chance to ask questions, and they also promised to protect themselves and support each other, as well as to attend classes during their menstruation period.

Looking ahead, SAWA will continue to regularly monitor all of the schools with the WASH programs to ensure good hygiene behaviors continue among the pupils and to document the good practices and lessons learned.