Sanitation, Water and Hygiene services in Tunguli and Msamvu – 2018 Q1

SAWA has been contracted by Mission Morogoro (MM) to improve sanitation, water and hygiene services in Tunguli and Msamvu villages of Kilindi district , Tanga Region.

Mission Morogoro (MM) is a charity based in the UK. MM has been working in partnership with the people of Tunguli and the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro since 2012. Over the past 5 years MM has worked on a number of projects in health, education, agriculture and water/through which 5 rope pumps Have been already installed as the foundation was establishing relationship with SAWA.

The signed contract is for continue facilitating joint efforts of SAWA and Mission Morogoro (MM) in supporting improvement of basic Sanitation and water services in two villages (Msamvu and Tunguli) and 4 schools (2primary schools and 2 secondary schools) in Kilindi District Council in Tanga Region. The project is implemented in collaboration between communities, schools’ committees and leadership, schools’ students and pupils, parents and the LGA (Kilindi District Council).

The Interventions will directly benefit more than 3,997 people in both Tunguli and Msamvu villages including 1,213 students (575 girls and 638 boys) in 4 schools (2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools). Among the beneficiaries are 33 teachers (16 female and 17 male) in the primary and schools above.

The project contract is for one year and it has a total amount 29,000,000 Tsh (Twenty nine million shillings).

Summary of specific objectives and activities to be undertaken

Specific objective No.1: Engage Tunguli community in project planning and implementation

  • Inception workshop at the ward level including district representatives to share SAWA/MM project plan and Budget and develop a joint plan for implementation
  • Conduct village general assembly to share project plan and budget

Specific objective No 2: Establishment and registration of community management entity (COWSO) for sustainability enhancement

  • Awareness creation on national water and sanitation policies, legislation and guidelines
  • Conduct two days’ workshop to facilitate development of COWSO constitution that will provide general guidance for project operation and maintenance.
  • Conduct three days training to equip COWSO leaders with financial management, leadership

and operation and maintenance skills

  • Community water care takers visit Morogoro for two days to learn how to make rope

pump parts

Specific objective No 3: Promotion of sanitation and hygiene using Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach.

  •  Institutional triggering at the ward level to orient leaders on use of CLTS approach
  • Conduct one day Capacity building session of Sub Village teams on data collection
  • Preparation of sanitation and hygiene training material in line with National Sanitation campaign (NSC tools and fit to local environment in data collection, triggering (animators), technologies.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation including follow up on latrines construction and hygiene
  • Facilitate Internal and external ODF verification exercises

Expected Results:

  • Strengthened community management entity (COWSO) and able to operate and maintain WASH services.
  • Improved environment sanitation (household will construct and use latrine)
  • Active school health club – engaged in hygiene promotion
  • Reduced water and sanitation related diseases

The implementation has started, so far the following activities have been performed:

  1. Conducted project inception meeting at district level Wednesday 14th of March 2018. It was attended by DED (acting by then), DHO, DWE, SWASH coordinator, District registrar (dealing with COWSO registration), DCDO, SAWA team which involved Executive director, SAWA WASH advisor and M&E person and Representative from Mission Morogoro Mr. David Plummer. The puposes of the meeting was introduce to district offices and share activities done by MM in tunguli since 2012 , but also to share the coming project package and request for collaboration from district during project implementation. Generally the DED appreciated the support provided by MM and agreed to give their full support whenever needed for the success of the project
  1. Conducted inception meeting at ward level on Thursday 15th, attended 40 participants (15 female and 25male) , included Tunguli councilor. WEO, CDO, District representatives, VEOs from both villages of Msamvu and Tunguli, sub village chairs, influential people in the community, religious leaders, and leaders of women group. The meeting aimed at sharing the project activities and budget sanitation and hygiene improvement and also creates awareness on formation of community owned water supply organizations (COWSO) to come up with the joint implementation plan. The meeting was successful as all agenda were discuss and concluded, the community were happy and promised to collaborated will SAWA to ensure the project is implemented successful with great achievements.

Way forwards

Continue with implementation of project

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