WASH project in two schools of Ilala and Temeke – 2018 Q1

SAWA has started implementation of school WASH project in project in two schools of Kivule and Yombo Dovya for Ilala and Temeke district respectively in Dar es Salaam region. This project is SAWA first engagement with such partner (private sector) to support WASH activities. The project is involving construction of two toilet blocks for girls with total of 18 stances including stance for disabled and adolescent girls, construction of two water points with 3 outlets each, two burning chambers and provision of hygiene education of school WASH clubs. The project has a total budget of 59,832,330Tsh   and is targeted to serve a total of 3209 girl’s pupils (2063 girls of Kivule and 1146 girls of Yombo Dovya primary schools).

Project Expected outcomes

After completion of project the following are expected results:

  • Improved access to sanitation and hand washing facilities in 2 schools
  • Improved hygiene behaviors (especially hand washing with soap) among pupils in 2 schools and respective communities through strengthening capacities of teachers in delivering effective hygiene education
  • O&M plans for SWASH developed and functional in 2 schools through strengthening of School Management Committees

The project contract is for one year, so far the implementation is on progress and the following has been done

  1. Project inception meetings were conducted on 10th January, Key outputs of inception meetings is that the two municipalities are very positive and willing to provide any backup required especially to support on funding for rehabilitation of existing facilities in both school that will remain for boys. The new structures will be built to cater for girls. Council were urged to make follow up on head teachers work including SWASH and necessity of having SWASH club, procurement of materials is on progress.
  2. The construction work started since 2nd February 2018 parallel to both schools after procurement and a mobilization of materials to the sites. SAWA engaged its own trained artisans to undertake the work using approved design except for Yombo Dovya toilet where the request was made to TOTAL to change the design by separating one room for children with disabilities (30 pupils with   intellectual impairment and physical disabilities) to be closer to their classroom as the proposed construction site can’t be easily accessed by them. The changes shall not affect the budget significantly; in this scenario SAWA management has accepted to top up in case of additional budget.

The construction three toilet blocks is progressing and completed to 50%   reached to the level of linter beam.

Construction of Soak way pits

In each toilet block 1 set of soak away pit with dimension of 12ft depth and diameter of 5ft each were constructed. However for the separated block for pupils with disabilities Yombo Dovya single pit will be constructed. The constructed soak away pits are   fixed with trapezoidal blocks and concrete slab at the top. So far, two sets have been completed to the level of concrete slab cover, the remaining works are finishing outside and fixing of manhole covers this is planned to be construct possibly before the rains starts.

Construction of water points

Construction of two water points with 3 outlets each have been completed to 95%, The water points were constructed with 5” vibrated cement blocks and concrete slab reinforced with wire mesh. The remaining works constitute connection of water pipe, flushing and fixing of water taps.

Construction of Burning chambers

The burning chambers/Small incinerators have been completed to 90%, the remaining tasks plastering and fixing of doors

Quality assurance

  • To ensure the work is done to the required standard and specifications, the school construction teams, engineers from both Municipalities under SAWA engineer and Technician along with SAWA management have been paying visit regularly to the site to monitor each stage of construction.
  • Also team from TOTAL Company visited the two schools to monitor the progress and ascertain the quality of workdone and give go ahead to continue with construction work. The team   appreciated the workdone in both schools and gave approval to continue with implementation while they are proceeding with second payment.

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