Joachim B. Assenga


Joachim B. Assenga has 2 years of experience on WASH interventions implementation. He joined SAWA since 2014 as a community development volunteer to support SAWA programs. Currently he is implementing Fit for school Pilot Approach adopted from Philippines in Temeke Municipal, Dar es Salaam through GIZ funding. He leads and coordinate WASH activities execution to ensure sustainable access of WASH services. He also works as a community development personnel engaging and facilitating WASH activities by using CLTS, National School WASH Guidelines and Fit for school Approach guidelines adopted from Philippines. His current roles in the Organization include; Project coordination and Management, reporting, Monitoring, Community Mobilization (awareness creation), capacity building and documentation.

He attended number666 of trainings related in his field of work such as Fit for school Approach Adoption and implementation by UNICEF and GIZ, CLTS facilitation and training workshop by SAWA and Ministry of Health, and iWASH and Livelihoods intervention by using MUS Approach by SAWA under Winrock International Funding.

He graduated B.A. in Geography and Environmental studies (BAGEs) from UDOM, 2012.