Is a non governmental organization working on WASH sector, and has been working in supporting communities and institutions since 2009. We have reached people in rural communities of Makete, Kongwa, Kilosa, Gairo, Kilindi, Moshi-Mkyashi, Utete-Kindwitwi, and in Urban Dar es salaam and Mwanza.

Since 2009 SAWA has managed to implement a number of projects and services including implementation of community and institutional WASH in Tanzania Mainland.

In celebration of its Ten years, SAWA’s contributions in WASH sector in 10 years; Lessons learnt in 10 years; beneficiary stories; a media event in one project which matches with SAWA’s age, Documentary video shall be developed and shared with stakeholders.

Objective for SAWA 10 Years anniversary
1. To appreciate the work that SAWA has done for 10yrs
2. Raising awareness and advocating for sustainable WASH services
3. Demonstrate our commitment
4. The target audience for 10 years Anniversary:
5. Community members in selected village, schools
6. Government staff – Health officers, Ministry officials – Sanitation week

Proposed Activities
1. Preparing a booklet which may cover 10 years journey of SAWA-
2. To support WASH in one of the school with pupils with disabilities (Visual impaired) Tongoma primary. 3. SAWA can offer a certain amount and secure others from partners, through collaboration to improve WASH in this school.
4. To use sanitation week platform to celebrate our ten years anniversary make presentation and have our booth where we can display our works/ products.
5. stories Interview staff voice/stories ( Upendo, Rozaria ,Charles,Assenga,Stella etc)
6. Develop Documentary of Success stories from our project areas this can be shared in media and we can have time in Television to share our achievements
7. Invite few beneficiaries from the areas of our work to share success stories
Cocktail party with our partners- share our documentary, and our new strategy , also request collaboration from partners
8. Handwashing critical times for visual impared children- Chora F diagram, Critical times for handwashing, steps for handwashing , maandishi makubw