Water Supply

The main thrust of the organization is to support communities to have reliable access to clean and safe water within reduced distances. SAWA provides advisory and supervisory services for the construction of different types of water supply systems (e.g. wells, boreholes, piped schemes, and rainwater harvesting systems). This includes planning, designing and construction of ground water, surface water and rainwater sources for different purposes e.g. domestic, irrigation, livestock and industrial use and technical management services of piped water schemes. The following services are offered and this category;

  • Boreholes (Machine drilled medium and deep wells)
  • Rain water harvesting facilities and systems
  • Piped schemes (Pumped and gravity)
  • Cattle troughs
  • Water quality analysis
  • Geo-technical and Hydro geological investigations
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Mapping services and GPS surveys
  • Installation of different pumps and power systems such as hand pumps windmills electrical pumps (i.e. submersible) and engine driven pumps (i.e. mono pumps).