FIT for School Project in Temeke

Fit for School Project in Temeke

SAWA is partnering with GIZ to pilot school children group hand washing project. The pilot covering sixteen public primary schools of Mgulani, Kibasila, Wailesi, Bahati, Jitihada, Mtoni, Serengeti, Muungano, Bokorani Keko mwanga; Likwati, Upendo, Kizinga, Mbagala, Maweni and Juhudi, all in Temeke Municipality, the main objective of the project is to pilot Fit for School approach with focus on group hand washing in schools as an effective entry point for SWASH to improve health and learning outcomes for all primary school children.

30,048 pupils (16568 girls and 13,480 boys) from 16 schools are benefiting from this project, through hygiene promotion for behavior change – using group hand washing with soap approach. It is believed that through this initiative the chain of change and messages will be delivered to families as well as to the communities where these schools are. School club members will continue championing the practice for their peers and engaging to impart hygiene knowledge among themselves and their communities.


  • Water supply:  All schools under Fit for school piloting project have adequate water supply for drinking, cleaning and daily supervised group hand washing.
  • Group hand washing: All schools practices group hand washing which ensures health and education performance of schools are greatly achieved. However there are different circumstances leads to variations from school to school on the way the practice is conducted and supervised.
  • School environment improvement: The schools have improved their gardens, the constructed burning chambers in each school  reduces the level of air pollution
  • Behavioral change to pupils: It was reported in the meeting that pupils like cleaning toilets and washing hands in group hand washing facilities compared to the time before the project. It was observed in schools that sometimes pupils are coming out of toilet and run to the handwashing, but they do not find water, this is the evidence that they know that it is important to wash hands after visiting toilet.
  • School attendance: Numbers of pupils attending school have increased after having daily group hand washing practice in schools as reported by two participants of the meeting; however there is no evidence provided.
  • Awareness creation to the community: Pupils through Fit for school have increased awareness to the community about hand washing steps and importance by involving parents in the program